Admissions, Discharge & Transfers

M P Shah Hospital admissions desk is a one stop shop where different services which include clinical guidance, customer care, porter services, admission procedures and general administration. The area has a lounge fitted with a television set where clients relax as they wait to be attended to. For efficient service delivery, admissions have the following main sections:

Nursing / Clinical Section

The section is manned by a Charge Sister who examines patients who are due for admission, allocates rooms and does bed transfers. She is trained in emergency nursing thus allowing her to distinguish emergency cases and attend to them first.

Admissions, Discharges and Transfer Section

This section is in charge of patient registration and financial clearance of patients who are being admitted or discharged. They also act as the liaison between patients and their insurance companies.

Corporate Desk

This desk assists all our corporate clients for outpatient and inpatient services they verify and identify the clients before services are rendered.

Customer Service Desk

The staff provides information regarding the hospital facilities, directions and any other queries a patient may have.

Porter Section

The porter staff assist patients in case of luggage that needs to be taken to the wards as well as those who are too weak to wheel them to the wards.

Admission Highlights

A deposit is required from all self-paying patients except for emergencies where the doctor should sign the emergency form. For emergency admissions, deposit is due within 24 hours of admission.

A company patient is required to bring a letter of undertaking if the Company is a corporate member of M P Shah Hospital. Patients covered by an insurance company should ensure the treating doctor completes his/her insurance forms within 24 hours of admission.


The discharge process is initiated by the treating doctor when he signs a discharge slip which is sent to the discharge. Clients are required to confirm with the Corporate or Admissions Desk that all their charges have been posted in the system and also check with their ward sister that all their discharge medication has been delivered to the ward.

At this point they can clear with discharges section who issues them with a discharge clearance form. This should be taken to the ward sister. NHIF cards should be presented on admission so that the rebates can be calculated during discharge.

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