Dineshi Chandaria Medical Centre

Below is a complete list of doctors and facilities available at the Dinesh Chandaria Medical Centre.


Tel. Reception


Ground Floor

Physiotherapy Department 020-4291225 Physiotherapy
Dr. Surendra T. Patel 020-4291303 General Practice
Dr. V.N Choksey 020-4291344 Obst/Gynaecology
Dr. N.P Vakil 020-4291344 General/Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. S.P Amin 020-4291344 Family Physician
Dr. Sandeep Acharya 020-4291347 Laparoscopic Surgery
Dr. Kirtida Acharya 020-4291347 Internal Medicine
Dr. Dhirane A. Shah 020-4291319 Internal Medicine/Cardiology

First Floor

Dr. A.K Shah 020-4291352 Consultant Eye Specialist
Dr. M.M Bhaiji 020-4291352 Consultant Eye Specialist
Dr. S. Jafferji 020-4291352 Consultant Opthamologist/Retinal Surgeon
Dr. K.S Giddie 020-4291356 General Surgeon
Breast Cancer Clinic 020-4291356 Mammography
Dr. R. Pandya 020-4291351 General Surgeon
Dr. Warugongo Kioni 020-4291351 ENT Surgeon
Dr. Neeraj / Dr. Heeta Krishnan 020-4291359 Orthopaedic Surgeon/General Surgeon

Second Floor

Dr. Pankaj / Dr. Nira Patel 020-4291328 Dental Surgery
Dr. A.I. Desai 020-4291328 Family Physician
Dr. Gichuru Mwangi 020-4291331 Neurosurgery
Dr. William J. Okumu 020-4291331 Cardiothoracic surgery
Dr. Kiboi J. Githinji 020-4291335 Neurosurgery
Dr. M.B. Pancholi 020-4291338 Dermatology
Dr. F.D. Chitharia 020-4291338 Obst/Gynaecology
Dr. Eliud Njuguna / Dr. Henry Abwao 020-4291341 Oncology/Radiotherapy

Third Floor

M.Warshow & Associates 020-4291308 Consultant Cardiologist/Physician
Dr. Kinuthia Gichuki 020-4291302 Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr. H.S.Vishwanath 020-4291311 General Practice
Dr. J.M.Kamau 020-4291311 Obst/Gynaecology/Laparoscopic Surgeon
Hospital Dental Clinic 020-4291343 Dental Surgery
Dr. Stephen K. Wanjohi 020-4291355 Obst/Gynaecology
Dr. Gladwell Kiarie 020-4291305 Physician/Oncologist