Nursing Administration

Nursing Administration

Nursing care is integral to the function of any hospital, with a nurse taking on the roles of being patient?s caregiver, educator, advocate, among others.

At M P Shah, nursing is not just a profession; it is a passion. A true dedication to superior patient care, a commitment to quality and a quest for clinical knowledge and excellence are the key objectives shared by nurses working at M P Shah Hospital.

Supported by a dynamic urban setting, state of art technologies, innovative medical treatment and highly qualified doctors with varied specialties, M P Shah nurses lead in the profession day by day. Our department of nursing is a powerhouse of health professionals who strive to practice excellence.

Word from Infection Control Desk: How our visitors can help us

Please wash your hands or use the alcohol hand gel (on the wall by the entrances to the wards) when you arrive and when you leave.

If you have had an infectious illness, such as diarrhoea, vomiting or a cold, please wait until you are completely better before visiting.

It is best if children do not visit, or if it is unavoidable, that they stay in waiting areas with a friend or relative. This is for their own and patients’ safety.

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