Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

The laboratory forms an integral part of the M P Shah Healthcare, offering a 24 hour service. It is run by a highly qualified and dedicated team of phlebotomists, technologists and support staff. The laboratory services are provided in an ultra-modern facility equipped with modern automated equipment that is well maintained. The lab provides diagnostic services in phlebotomy, clinical chemistry, special chemistry, haematology, blood bank and transfusion, histopathology and cytopathology.

Accuracy and precision of tests are maintained by strict internal quality assurance programme which is reviewed daily. The lab is participating in external quality control programmes RIQAS (Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme) – (U.K) and HUQAS (Human Quality Assessment Service) – (Canada) with an aim of providing test results that meet international standards.

The following are the sections in the lab:

Clinical chemistry

This section is well equipped with modern state of the art fully automatic chemistry analyzer, Olympus AU-400. The analyzer has a broad test menu including Renal function tests, liver function tests, cardiac enzymes, lipid profile, blood sugar and glycated haemoglobin among others. Apart from the AU 400 back-up machine include Vitros 250, Humalyser 3000 and 9180 Electrolyte analyzer (Roche).

Special Chemistry

This section is highly specialized performing mainly immunological and rare tests. The main equipment is Axysm immuno analyzer which is fully automated. Tests performed here include troponin, insulin, ferritin, Vitamin 812, folate, thyroid function tests, HIV, hepatitis 8 and C, hormonal profiles and tumour markers. Other equipment used include Tecan eliser reader and the Mini Vidas.

Haematology and Blood Bank

The section is responsible for blood counts and also ensuring that blood for transfusion is safe for patients use. It is equipped with a fully automated analyzer Cell Dyne 3700 and a back up Cell Dyne 1700 for coagulation studies, a semi automated analyzer. C02 is available. The blood bank is able to make blood products namely platelets concentrates, fresh frozen plasma for patients when required, using a refrigerated centrifuge. Currently the gel system is used for grouping and cross match. 80ne marrows are preferred if requested by a Consultant Haematologist.

Microbiology and Parasitology

The section performs standard analysis of specimen for bacterial, parasitic and T8 infection.

Histology and Cytology

This section serves the hospital and many other small laboratories in the vicinity. Surgical specimen are processed and read by highly qualified histo/cytopathologist. Pap smear, F.NA. and non gynecological cytology specimens like effusion, urine and C.S.F are processed to assist clinical and precise diagnosis if the patient conditions and thus proper management. The consultants are available for discussion with clinician if required.


This section is specialized for the diagnosis of bacteriology, Parasitology and tuberculosis, aerobic and anaerobic bacterial cultures, drug susceptibility testing, Ziel Nelson staining technique for diagnosis of Tb, a wide range of rapid antigen detection test e.g. salmonella antigen, H.pylori e.t.c., diphasic blood culture.

We are currently subscribed to the Human Quality Control Programme.

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