Pediatric Clinic

M.P. Shah Hospital introduced pediatric services over one year now. The inpatient ward has an internal decor with a color scheme that provides a homely and calming experience to the children. The rooms are spacious with call bells which enable quick access in addition to piped oxygen which is available on each bed space for easy access during emergencies.

The ward has embraced new primary care model where nurses are fully responsible and accountable for all aspects of child care and their stay. Nurse patient ratio is 1 nurse to 4 children, the best ratio in Nairobi. Through primary care, nurses conduct assessment, diagnosis, planning, treatment, evaluation and education of patients from admission to discharge. The nurses are paediatric trained and competent to handle children of all ages.

The pediatric casualty has qualified pediatricians who are child friendly and go out of their way to assess, carry out relevant diagnostic procedures and provide treatment plan that is evidenced based. Alongside these, we have consultant pediatricians who run well baby clinics, neonatal clinics, and admit sick children in the ward. They are available on 24 hours and on call basis and do a ward round every day including following up children post discharge. The pediatric casualty services are efficient with turnaround time of 30 minutes. They also have pediatric nurses who are experienced to handle pediatric emergencies and are child friendly.

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