The M P Shah Pharmacy is 77 years old. It has over 4000 different drugs and surgical items. It is known for keeping quality branded and generic pharmaceutical and surgical products. The pharmacy employs dedicated qualified pharmacist and pharmaceutical technologist, and provides the following services:

Inpatient Pharmacy

The inpatient pharmacists visit all the wards in the hospital on a daily basis. They review the patients treatment sheet to ensure that they are provided with the appropriate drugs for their ailment by the consultant doctors. They ensure the correct dose is prescribed for the patients age, height and weight.

They ensure the duration for the IV antibiotic is appropriate and also the full course of the antibiotic is given. This ensures we are able to reserve the third line antibiotics for serious infections.

The pharmacists will also provide patient counselling on their drugs on discharge and give details on the drug dosage, drug storage, precautions on usage with other medication and any side effects the patient might experience.

The pharmacists also ensure the ward has appropriate emergency medicines and surgical items in case of any likely emergency that may occur at the ward.

The inpatient pharmacist is involved with the infection control team to ensure international guidelines are followed in implementing infection control in the Hospital. The pharmacist ensures the correct cleaning solutions are utilised in the ward to disinfect against HIV, Hepatitis and other viruses.

24-Hours Pharmacy

This Pharmacy is manned by qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technologists. It serves the patients from the Accident and Emergency Department, the Inpatients, as well as external walk-in patients.

The Pharmacy is located next to the Casualty Accident and Emergency centre to provide quick services to patients in emergencies and also caters for patients who want to purchase drugs over the counter any time of the day. This ensures that patients coming to the hospital get their medication in house day or night and therefore making it easier for the care giver.

The pharmacist dispenses the drugs on prescription and also offers the patient counselling on their medication on drug dosage, drug storage, precautions on usage with other medication and any side effects the patient might experience.

Before dispensing the medication the pharmacist ensures that the prescription is appropriate for the patients age, weight and height. In case of patients who are pregnant the pharmacist ensures that the medicine prescribed is appropriate in pregnancy. The pharmacist is extra careful on medicines prescribed to children and will ensure that the drug dosage is appropriate for the patients age and weight.
The 24-hour pharmacy also provides Surgical items and Physiotherapy items.

Pharmacy Stores

The pharmacy stores department ensures constant availability of good quality pharmaceutical and medical items in the hospital. In order to guarantee good quality products, all products stocked in the pharmacy are vetted to ensure that they are approved and registered by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya and the FDA (Food and Drug Authority of America). This is through the Hospitals Drug and Therapeutics Committee which is responsible for maintaining and updating the hospital drug formulary. Specialized products not available in the country can be imported upon request on prescription by a qualified consultant.

Drug Information Services

The pharmacy has access to various sources of information through online healthcare series and reference books. Patients and healthcare workers can obtain information with regards to medicines dosing in special populations, storage instructions, contraindications, drug interactions and also obtain poisons information, treatment and antidotes.

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