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Antenatal Care

A gynecologist/obstetrician of your choice will assess your pregnancy and offer routine antenatal check-ups to optimize your health and that of the baby. We perform a number of tests including blood pressure, abdominal examination, urine test, antenatal blood test, ultrasound, fetal heart rate along with dietary and lifestyle advice to make sure you have the healthiest pregnancy possible. The frequency of these checks varies according to your circumstances and is usually determined by your doctor.
We offer a very easy booking/appointment process which can be fully completed online if you so desire.


Your pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of your life. At MP Shah Hospital, you can enjoy this thrilling journey in a premium maternity environment, with the support of an expert team. From the experienced doctors, specially selected nurses and support staff to the labour rooms, you will find everything about your time with us comforting, relaxing and reassuring.

Our approach to private pregnancy and maternity is a combination of exceptional care, state-of-the-art equipment and modern comforts. As a result, families have trusted us for generations at this special time, and we have an enviable reputation for maternity care in Kenya. Our expertise enables us to look after you and your baby whatever your circumstances and requirements.

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