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What We Do

M. P. Shah Hospital has an oncology Centre and is affiliated to the HCG: Cancer Care Centre, a one of a kind in East and Central Africa in providing quality oncology treatment. Equipped with linear accelerators offering MLC conformal therapy, CT planning and a 3D conformal planning suite, Cancer Care Kenya is the first Oncology Centre in East and Central Africa offering world-class standard services for the treatment of cancer. The experienced and dedicated team includes radiation oncologists, radiotherapy radiographers, just to name a few.

Day Care Unit


The hospital has a state of the art ultra-modern chemotherapy preparation area equipped with Chemo Shield machine for the administration of chemotherapy to cancer patients at the Cancer Care Centre.  The new Chemo Shield equipment from the USA is installed at the Day Care Chemotherapy Unit.

The patient has a choice of either using a bed or a comfortable lounge chair while receiving chemotherapy treatment. The hospital has the most modern and sophisticated equipment at the Cancer Care Centre.  Patients are assured of receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment comparable to the highest international standards.  It is therefore not necessary to travel abroad to seek cancer treatment.

Free counseling and education for patients, their relatives, and friends is available from qualified counselors in addition to Complementary therapies such as nutrition.  Patients also have access to support groups and awareness forums through the Faraja Cancer Trust, which is located in the Cancer Care Center and affiliated to the hospital.