Diabetes Care Center (DCC) Turns One Year

Diabetes Care Center (DCC) celebrated its first anniversary on May 9, 2018, crowning 12 months of comprehensive clinical care, research and education aimed at improving the quality of life of those living with diabetes.

The event was held in the presence Dr. Manoj Shah, Chairman of the Board of Governance, Ms. Toseef Din, Chief Operating Officer, and the senior DCC management including Mrs. Arv Kalsi and Dr. Saira Sokwalla.

Speaking during the event, Dr. Manoj congratulated the DCC team for establishing a patient-centric model that is consultant-led, multidisciplinary with a clear focus on ensuring that all patients receive both basic and specialist diabetes care.

The DCC is dedicated to the prevention, treatment and management of diabetes through research, clinical care and patient education. It also focuses on establishing a better understanding of the causes of diabetes, diagnosis and early treatment.

Reports by World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that prevalence of diabetes has increased among people of all ages, mostly due to increases in overweight and obesity, unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyles.