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Our ENT department consists of a highly skilled team of ENT specialists comprising of a Surgeon, Audiologist and a Nurse who deliver high quality care to adult and paediatric patients. We provide treatment for symptoms affecting the ear, nose or throat, as well as a range of audiological investigations and rehabilitation for patients through different clinics:

  • Hearing and Deafness Clinic. The unit is best placed to handle all types of ailments associated with ear, the common one being deafness/ hearing loss. It has a state-of-the-art audiology laboratory with an Expert Audiologist who looks into the needs of patients and works hand-in-hand with the ENT Surgeon to diagnose and treat a range of ear complications. The unit performs even the most complex ear procedures such as the cochlear implant,  dispensing and fitting of hearing aids. We have also been able to treat common ear diseases through medical and surgical management.
  • Vertigo (Giddiness) Clinic. Giddiness/imbalance is very common in the modern society. We run vertigo clinic all days of  the week where we diagnose the cause of giddiness and manage them accordingly.
  • Voice Clinic. We run a voice clinic where all voice related problems are examined, majority of them originating from the larynx (voice box). We perform video laryngoscopy to examine these problems and treat them through micro laryngeal surgery. Facility of evaluation of vocal cord movements by Stroboscope helps us in diagnosing the voice disorders accurately.
  • Nasal and Nasal Allergy Clinic. The polluted airs of urban areas have given rise to nasal allergy problems and as such many individuals are prone to sinusitis. The basic cause for sinusitis is the narrow opening of the sinuses in the nose. We perform a very short and simple procedure of widening these openings which prevents frequent attacks of sinusitis. The unit has the best equipment possible for the nasal endoscopic surgery including the micro debrider by which nasal surgery can be done with great accuracy and great outcomes.
  • We regularly treat cases of adenoids, tonsillitis, nose bleeds , nasal masses , deviated nasal septum , snoring , thyroid disorders , foreign bodies in ear , nose and throat .
  • Additionally we also do near painless ear piercing for children and adults with worlds best ear piercing kit at just Ksh. 1500

In general, we offer:

  • Hearing improvement and management/ Deafness surgery
  • Cochlear Implant
  • Endoscopic nasal  & sinus surgery
  • Micro laryngeal surgery

We perform hearing assessment through:

  • Pure tone audiometry
  • Impedance audiometry
  • Brain stem evoked response(BERA)
  • Oto acoustic emission for screening of newborns

Clinic Schedule: Monday to Friday (9am – 4pm)

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