Healthcare at Home

The dramatic change in life brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated a change in many aspects of life. Because of this, there is a huge application of technology to enable patients to access healthcare without necessarily visiting the hospital in person. To provide the convenience of care to our patients, M.P. Shah Hospital put together home-based care packages to ensure that they meet patient needs.

Part of the services offered under the home-based packages includes pharmacy delivery services, where patients can receive their prescriptions at their doorsteps. To facilitate this, the hospital has installed a secure portal to ensure privacy measures are met as the patients consult with the doctors. This is also known as telemedicine.

Using telemedicine, mothers are able to get post-delivery support which allows them to better their recovery as well as manage their children’s development appropriately. Through the detailed breastfeeding and lactation consultation, new mothers can be assisted to successfully breastfeed their babies with the appropriate advice available from the comfort of their homes.

Telemedicine has also proved to be critical in helping people who do not have physical access to care due to their geography, emergency situations or lack of transportation. Telehealth can be extremely helpful in care coordination between primary healthcare providers and specialists by enhancing communication on a real-time basis, allowing faster response time and access to life-changing treatment.

Maureen Angira, a patient who utilized the M.P. Shah Hospital’s virtual consultation services noted that to access the virtual consultation service, you only need your phone or computer and internet connection “Without a doubt, telehealth decreases waiting times. Just like in-person visits, I was able to speak to my doctor through a video call immediately once I registered,” Said Maureen Angira. “At that time, I could not leave my house and I needed to consult with my doctor. It was very fast and seamless.” She added.

Through home-based care, blood, stool and urine samples can also be collected from the patient’s home for the purposes of testing. This is especially ideal for elderly patients who are largely immobile or inconvenienced when requested to leave the comfort of their home for a hospital visit. Patients can therefore remain safely at home and live independently during recovery from surgery or injury and be assisted in the process so as to get back to their feet faster with more ease.

Also, under home-based care services is a Covid 19 isolation program that includes online doctor reviews, covid-19 retests, mental wellness reviews and a medical essentials kit that includes a pulse oximeter, 3 ply masks, zinc and multivitamins for the patient. Whilst this is a preliminary package, the patient is advised to contact the hospital doctor and seek further medical advice should the symptoms worsen.  We also lease out oxygen concentrators to boost oxygen levels for patients with a lower than normal oxygen level following a doctor’s advice.

These services actively maintain uniformity of care by extending healthcare services to the comfort of the patients’ homes. These services bring continuity of care post-discharge and are backed by excellent clinical methods essential for patient recovery.