Hey, We Just Retired!

24 Mar 2022 Events, News

After selflessly serving the hospital for over 30 years each, Mr. Mwangangi, the former head chef and Mrs. Ongoche (HCA SSD) were treated to a pleasant surprise on their retirement.

Staff lined up along the walkways and cheered them on as they walked out of the hospital, to be received by the CEO and Board chairman.

The walk of Honour, which was described by Mr. Mwangangi as “something he had never seen before and never saw coming,” was preceded by a farewell party which was full of praise and gratitude for the two. The CEO, Dr. Toseef Din, recounted some of the memories she had with Mr. Mwangangi, terming him as a hardworking and diligent man who did everything to ensure the operations of the catering department ran smoothly.