Introducing complementary foods to your child.

  • Avoid giving your baby drinks with no nutritional value such as tea, coffee, soda or other sugary or coloured drinks. Give fresh juices with no added sugar or in moderation.
  • Between the ages 6 months to 2 years a child needs to continue breastfeeding or have 2 cups of milk each day as part of their diet.
  • Babies 6 months and older should be given treated water each day to keep them hydrated
  • During illness, give the baby small, frequent amounts of fluids, including breast milk or other milk. Encourage the baby to eat a variety if his or her favourite soft foods. After illness, feed the baby more food and more often than usual to regain his or her health.
  • Weight gain is a sign of good health and nutrition. Continue to take your child to the health clinic for regular check-ups, immunizations and to monitor their growth and development.