M. P. Shah Hospital launches Oxygen Plant to Fight Covid-19.

The M. P. Shah Hospital launched its new oxygen plant that is meant to boost its efforts in the fight against Covid-19. The commissioning that happened on 13th September 2021, was graced by Lieutenant General Mohammed Badi, the Nairobi Metropolitan Services Director-General, Dr Manoj Shah – the chairman of the M.P Shah Hospital board, among others.

The hospital is now able to manufacture its own medical oxygen using the 500-litre per minute Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) and supply it to the patients at 99% when supplemented with liquid oxygen.  The plant uses the natural air to manufacture the said oxygen.

This commissioning comes even after many hospitals in Kenya have experienced an acute shortage of oxygen due to the surging cases of Covid-19, hence putting the lives of patients with chronic health conditions and those in ICU in greater danger.  This highlights the crucial importance of access to medical oxygen for treatment. Guided by its vision of providing quality healthcare services, M.P. Shah Hospital launched the oxygen plant in addition to its existing hospital oxygen storage capacity. The oxygen plant will go a long way in the support and management of patients in critical care.