M.P. Shah Hospital Launches Kidney Transplant Program

12 Oct 2018 Events, Health, News, Updates

The M.P. Shah Hospital has launched a kidney transplant program to offer clinical solutions for people suffering from renal and nephrological disorders in the country. The hospital flagged off the program on Friday October 12, 2018 after successfully conducting three kidney transplants between the months of July and October.

Speaking during the launch, Dr. Hussein Bagha, Consultant Nephrologist at M.P. Shah Hospital observed that it was a matter of pride for the hospital to perform three successful kidney transplants in a period of just four months.

He said the program will help in saving lives of many people requiring kidney transplants, adding that the hospital had partnered with National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and Kenya Renal Association (KRA) to make the procedures affordable and reduce cases of medical tourism.

The multidisciplinary team at M.P. Shah Hospital was led by Dr. Bagha and ably supported by Dr. Ahmed Twahir, Chairman of Kenya Renal Association and the Hospital Medical Director Dr.Vishal Patel, alongside theatre and critical care staff.

Dr. Manoj Shah, Chairman of the hospital Board of Governors, expressed optimism that the new program would offer successful outcomes in managing renal failure among patients adding that the hospital will offer post-transplant care and medical follow-ups.

The Hospital COO, Ms. Toseef Din said the milestone cements the hospital’s position as a centre of clinical excellence in Kenya and the East Africa region which is underdeveloped in terms of treatment options for patients with kidney failure.

A significant and recurring phenomenon in the region is medical tourism whereby patients suffering from kidney failure travel out of the country to have transplantations and follow-up care.

The kidney transplant program comes a week after the hospital introduced daily dialysis services at its inaugural satellite clinic at the Village Market Mall. The introduction seeks to relieve patients with renal failure the agony of seeking the service in far-flung areas.

According to Kenya Renal Association (KRA), about four million Kenyans are suffering from chronic kidney disease with less than 10,000 of them on dialysis. Further reports estimate that 4.8 million Kenyans will be suffering from kidney disease by the year 2030.



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