M.P. Shah Hospital marks the World Patient Safety Awareness Week 2022

24 Mar 2022 Events, News

Over the past years, M.P. Shah Hospital has embraced Patient Safety Awareness Week as a period of inspiration for those committed to the mission of the safest and most reliable care. This year, however, the theme turned the lens from care to the caregivers at the front lines.

The theme for 2022 was “Highly Engaged Patient Centric Team for Improved safety of the health care system; for patients and the workforce.” The week-long celebration inspired action, advanced important discussions, and brought forth an opportunity to pause and recognize the incredible contributions that the hospital has put in place to protect patients as well as improve outcomes.

At M.P. Shah Hospital, the week was marked by interdepartmental competitions on International Patient Safety Goals, Health Talks and trainings that advanced the knowledge on patient safety. Credit Control and Maternity Departments emerged winners and first runners-up respectively, and were applauded for their creativity and team work displayed.