M.P. Shah Hospital Wins the Africa CIO100 Award for the Health Sector

The M.P. Shah Hospital was feted at the 13th edition of the Africa CIO100 Awards on 19th November 2021 for its technological innovation in identifying areas of delay in services to improve efficiency. The annual prestigious award labelled the “Biggest Tech Event in Africa” celebrates organizations that use technology to deliver value. Among the sectors under recognition included education, banking, transport, manufacturing, insurance, among others.

The M.P. Shah Hospital ICT team, led by Mr Shiraz Dadar, developed a system using the cisco telephone system to monitor the turn-around time (TAT) for preparing patients’ rooms. The team provided a simple, automated solution to record the timings of the housekeeping staff and report on it.

This innovation enables the hospital to identify delays and address them in the shortest time possible. It also improves the efficiency with which specific tasks are completed. “Instead of acquiring a new system, we extended the existing one and made them inter-operable,” Said Mr Dadar.

The hospital, through the years, continuously expands its facilities for the patients. It also strives to improve patients’ experience by realigning the technological processes and medical services. This is among the ways of attaining our vision of becoming the premier patient-centric tertiary institution in East and Central Africa.

The gala was held at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa in Mombasa. It brought together senior IT professionals and business executives to recognize those performing well in the industry.