The Social Service League Conducts its 82nd Annual General Meeting

1 Sep 2021 News

The Social Service League conducted its 82nd Annual General Meeting at the Shah Meghji Rupshi Hall at the M. P. Shah Hospital, Nairobi on August 27. The meeting, was the second AGM of the Social Service League to be held on a hybrid virtual platform in real-time, attended by Chairman Dr Manoj Shah, several Board Governors, Members of the League and the senior management team in person, and followed virtually by over 70 Social Service League members who had registered in advance.  

The Chairman’s address highlighted the addition of over 70 beds within the year, making it a 260-bed hospital, with plans underway to make M P Shah Hospital a 300-bed hospital within the coming year. The Hospital was pleased to report it attended to over 50,000 children at the paediatric centre in the past year and has become the preferred place for new mothers, with over 1500 babies being delivered in the previous year.

The past year has seen the Hospital take a transformative role in many fields, including treating complex medical cases with a higher level of specialized care, increased bed capacity intensified distribution through satellite clinics, training, and research. The hospital departments have also been robust in the past year, with the Department of Nephrology successfully carrying out the 17th Renal Transplantation. This has served as a testament to the hospital’s ground-breaking work as reported in the meeting. With Covid-19 being the biggest subject matter for the hospital and the nation, the chairman acknowledged and recognised the Covid-19 doctors’ team for effectively managing the patients with excellent recovery rates.

The CEO, Dr Toseef Din mentioned that the League is firmly committed to conducting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events and to this end collaborated with various charities and foundations to organise medical, blood and vaccination drives. We very much appreciate the support received from our valued donors and also thank the various communities for their tremendous support and generous contributions thus enabling M P Shah Hospital to provide quality patient care to the community at large.