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Formally known as Parklands Nursing Home, M.P. Shah Hospital (Meghji Pethraj Hospital) was founded in early 1930s by prominent philanthropists to alleviate human suffering in the community. The founders had a vision of establishing a haven for the ill to experience quality care, compassionate service and inclusivity. With time, through hard work and painstaking endeavor, the vision broadened from a mere community nursing home to a fully-fledged facility that is now called M. P. Shah Hospital.

The vision, determination and selfless concern for the well-being of the community that characterized the nursing home’s beginnings still drive the hospital today. Today, M.P. Shah is a multi-specialty hospital covering every segment of medicine including renal services, total hip and joint replacements besides offering cancer treatment to patients throughout the East African region and across the African continent. The hospital is now one of the most respected and established institutions in Kenya providing professional medical, nursing and rehabilitative care. The focus has and always remains patient-centered care driven by the values of the Social Service League.


How we put them to work

Our Core Values


We consider respect for patients, staff and society at large a core aspect of how we conduct our relationship in each service that we offer.


We deliberately aim to nurture a sense of confidentiality, professionalism and reliability with our patients as a way of establishing trust in our services through honesty and interaction.


It’s always been our conviction that we ought to provide medical care and medical services with love and care.


As a healthcare facility our success and the patient’s relief is hinged on proper collaboration and communication as well as interaction at all levels.


We always strive to serve those entrusted to us professionally and efficiently by putting into practice relevant knowledge and skills drawn from research to enhance patient’s and client’s experience at our facility.