4 May 2024 Health, Medical, News

In an effort to de-stigmatise mental health issues and promote holistic well-being, M.P. Shah Hospital was part of the Mental Health Expo on the 3rd and 4th of May at the Sarit Center Nairobi.

On the first day, attendees had the opportunity to meet with panelists, clinical psychologist Dr Prashna Shah, who spoke about innovations in mental health care, including the influence of social media, new technologies for mental wellness, and approaches to mental health treatment.

The highlight of the Expo was the series of educational seminars led by renowned mental health experts and practitioners.

The Expo also served as a platform for local community organisations and support groups to showcase their services and resources. Participants had the opportunity to network with mental health professionals, access educational materials and learn about support networks available in their community. With its inaugural Mental Health Expo, M.P. Shah Hospital has taken a significant step towards fostering a culture of mental wellness and resilience within the community. By bringing together individuals, professionals and organisations, the Expo has sparked meaningful dialogue and laid the groundwork for a brighter, more inclusive future for mental health.